Cancer doesn't care it's Christmas.

It doesn't happen very often but on occasion individuals share their disapproval of the term Screw Cancer with us. 

On one memorable occasion we had a holiday pop-up table at the local mall promoting the Screw Cancer brand of products in support of a local Cancer Centre. The table was crowded with people checking out the Screw Driver and sizing up T-Shirts and buying Christmas gifts.

A women approached the table with tears in her eyes and began to explain her husbands recent terminal cancer diagnosis. After a brief and emotional conversation she moved on down the mall. Then to my surprise she returned with her husband and 2 children to buy T Shirts for the entire family.

At the same time a women approached the table with a stern look on her face. She looked me in the eyes and said "SCREW CANCER, that's offensive, especially at Christmas time!!!"  

This wasn't the first time I've heard this, having dealt with 4 similar objections in 2017.  I compared this to the thousands of positive responses and reviews, including the experience I just witnessed, I  prepared to respectfully answer when I was cut off. 

A women standing at the table with the family  shot back, "You obviously don't have cancer. Have you not lost someone to cancer?  CANCER DOESN'T CARE THAT IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"  Point taken, nothing else needed to be said. 

Is everyone going to approve of the term Screw Cancer? Certainly not, everyone is entitled to their opinion. We suggest you consider other's circumstances surrounding cancer before jumping in with a negative opinion. 

Years ago Cancer was a very secretive word that many people would whisper or mumble and not want to share with those outside of their immediate circle. It was misunderstood and it was not nearly as prevalent and mainstream as it is today.    People often suffered in private.   Today, cancer is part of everyday discussion and sadly has become a part of our normal dialogue.  It affects us all and can strike infants and the elderly, men and women of all walks of life.

What's different now? As it gets closer to us through family, friends and co-workers we see a frustration coming to the forefront. We are tired, angry and inconvenienced by the havoc cancer is bringing into our lives. We are looking for more education, diagnosis, support and treatment options.   We are  aware of many of our own lifestyle habits and choices and their links to cancer. Cancer is complex but surely we, or at least most of us, can stand together and say -  "SCREW CANCER - we won't let you win".

Jeff MacIntyre
Co-Founder of Grappleworks, Ltd

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