The First in a series of Hand-Tools, designed for the Kitchen not the Toolbox.

Chicago, IL. - March 10th 2017, from the International Hardware Show (Cologne, Germany) to the International Home + Housewares Show (Chicago, Illinois), Grappleworks is disrupting the tool industry as a pair of tool designers turn from the Hardware to the Houseware Industry for inspiration.

‘It even smelled like grease and oil’

“This time last year we were at the International Hardware Show in Cologne, Germany serving the $51 Billion dollar tool market. Like all major industry shows it was done on an epic scale, across all brands of hand tool and power tools, it even smelled like grease and oil. Navigating the Housewares Marketplace, estimated to be $355 Billion is exciting.” Simon Fallows – Grappleworks, Ltd

Having participated in the design and negotiation of an innovative line of screwdrivers launched under the Kobalt Brand (Lowes) and Husky Brand (Home Depot) in 2016 the concept to produce hand tools designed to look as good as they function was born. Everything we were working on was engineered from the perspective of the tool industry, rugged, industrial and often cheaply made. Taking inspiration from the housewares market we believed form could follow function and a common household tool like the screwdriver could be designed to look as great as it functioned.

The collaboration with internationally-awarded industrial designer, Joseph Hofer ( inspired the creation of a series of screwdrivers considering contemporary, elegant and outdoor lifestyles. The design strategy was to elevate this universal tool found in every home (winner of a Good Design Award – Chicago2017) inspiring people to keep it at hand, in a kitchen, office drawer or glove compartment. With a clean approachable form, the patent pending E1 MULTI 8 is shaped to fit hands large and small, with 3 extra long blades stored under a magnetic end cap. The solid stainless steel connector securely locks each blade providing quick change access to 8 screwdriver tips, including one to assemble a very popular line of Swedish Furniture (


Jeff MacIntyre
Founding Partner
Grappleworks, Ltd.
Waterloo, ON

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