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Products with Purpose

Here you will find products with a purpose, sold by Retailers across the Nation. The Screw Cancer brand of products are well-designed ensuring they're as cool to give as they are to receive.

Passion for People

Gifts mean so much more when delivered with a message. Whether you're expressing a feeling of frustration, relief or loss we're proud to offer you premium gifts you will be pleased to share with friends and family.  

We all have a cancer story

A terrible disease that affects young and old. You are not alone, please hang onto hope as we all play a role in the health and healing process.

Blog posts

It was the kind of news no one expects.

A far to common story we can all relate to.

Women with terminal cancer captured in photo series

Not all of them lived to see the images.

Cancer doesn't care it's Christmas.

A not so subtle reply in response to someone objecting to the Screw Cancer message.
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