Who is Grappleworks?

Grappleworks is a cause innovation company that not only wants to design great products – but do so with a greater purpose. We are 3 entrepreneurs and a team of passionate, creative people ready to make a difference locally to globally for causes we care about.

Learn more: www.grappleworks.com

What is Screw Cancer?

The phrase Screw Cancer isn’t new, but the way we choose to address and deliver the message certainly is. Grappleworks has registered the Trademark for use in the marketing of screwdrivers and other branded merchandise. It’s our desire to deliver an exceptional brand experience with Screw Cancer and the products and charities of our customers.

What is a cause innovation company?

As a socially responsible venture we produce cause marketing campaigns using innovative products to support charitable organizations. We are concerned for the cause and will passionately pursue innovative products and strategies to align our products for causes.

Why are you doing this?

Bottom Line: we just couldn't see ourselves investing millions of dollars into a product(s) without a purpose. 


My organization is interested, how can we participate or learn more?

If you represent a Retail or Non-profit Organization and are interested in our cause marketing campaign model we would like to hear from you. You can learn more on by visiting www.grappleworks.com or emailing info@grappleworks.com

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