Wholesale Gift Store Program

Are you a Store Owner or Gift Shop Manager that takes the time to source......

  • unique unexpected gifts that keep customers coming back
  • products people will be proud to give and receive 
  • gifts with meaning and purpose 
  • products that support social causes

Receive $119 in Additional Discounts

  • Save $9.60 when you order the Screwdriver Merchandising Display Box
  • Save $65 when ordering the 25 T-Shirt Bundle (5 sizes)
  • FREE Freight with an opening order of $500 - $45 Value
Note: $119 in additional discount value off Wholesale Pricing.
How to place an order:

1. Send us an email to receive an Order Form: orders@grappleworks.com 
2. Call us direct: 519-616-3553 and ask for Jeff
3. Use the Contact Us form and we will call at a time convenient for you.
4. Request a Login to access Wholesale Pricing and Ordering options 

Learn More:

We believe in providing products for a purpose and the purpose of the Screw Cancer brand is to provide meaningful gifts for people to express their feelings of frustration, relief or loss.

It’s difficult to know what to do or say when someone you know has cancer or is celebrating a cancer free anniversary date. Sure, flowers and cards are a nice, but your store can provide a more meaningful and useful series of gifts that can serve as a reminder to keep fighting and find hope.

If you own or manage a Gift Store or Hospital Gift Shop would you consider joining us as we build a new cancer cause category in the gift market. Proceeds from the sale of the products support causes that benefit families requiring cancer support and services. 

Are you a cancer cause charity?

Grappleworks selects a few Cancer cause charities to support each year. Please use the Contact US for to learn more, 

If your a charity looking to raise funds, drive awareness, and connect with current and future donors we can personalize our products for purchase and use at Gala Events, Walk/Run/Rides, to thank Donors, or for use as incentives to help you meet your fundraising objectives.

Screw Cancer™ is more than just a way to raise funds - it's a new way of engaging people in supporting the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre" says Tracey Bailey, President and CEO. Grappleworks is a wonderful partner who brought forward a compelling idea that helps us reach new donors and in return they receive a compelling gift to share with a friend, family member or care-giver. A simple everyday tool, a screwdriver, designed to appeal to men and women, is now a tool to raise funds and awareness for cancer care in our community – brilliant.”

About Us: 

Grappleworks is a cause innovation company that not only wants to design great products – but do so for a greater purpose. As a socially responsible venture we produce innovative products and cause campaigns in support of charitable organizations. We are concerned for the cause and will passionately pursue innovative products and strategies to distribute our products to benefit charities.

To learn more: www.grappleworks.com

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