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It’s Personal

Jewelry is a very personal thing, it tells a story about the person who is wearing it. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap a piece of jewelry is, but what it brings to the owner is all that matters.

It can commemorate important moments in our lives.

There are cases when we buy jewelry for ourselves. It happens when you want to congratulate yourself upon succeeding or overcoming something. Every time you look at that jewelry it will be a reminder, a form of expression without words.

As a gift, it’s a reflection of how well you know the receiver. To congratulate them, soothe their pain, or simply because they are worth it. Jewelry will always play a huge role in our lives. We don’t need it, but when it’s there, it becomes a tangible representation of our emotions and memories.

The Details:

  • Inspired by the high seas, this Screw Cancer anchor clasp bracelet is hand-crafted with incredible attention to detail.
  • make an impact with a classic blend of leather and unique hardware maintaining a contemporary look.
  • Black is not a color but it has created a space in the fashion industry, representing elegance and refinement.
  • Contrasted with the all-steel bright polished chrome clasp the low-profile design works with most any outfit.
  • Permanently stamped into the leather SCREW CANCER, classic and subtle, not to distract from the design.
  • Worn by installing the threaded pin reminding you to Screw Cancer with every turn of the screw.   
  • Natural vegetable-tanned leather that gets soft and subtle the more it's worn
  • Warranty 1 year material and workmanship. 

Handcrafted by a Japanese leather crafter with care and consideration put into every piece.

 Let's get started with the perfect fit.

Using a plain strip of paper or string, wrap around your wrist and mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. Pick the bracelet size below based on the length you feel will be the closest most comfortable fit.  

Available Sizes:

Small - 7" Length
Medium - 7 1/2" Length
Large - 8 1/4" Length 




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